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ACSA CHIMICA (GiÓ ACI-Inveruno), established in 1943, has been operating for more than 60 years in the field of chemical products for leather finishing and the shoe industry.
Possessing a tannery in the same location has allowed ACSA CHIMICA to test and develop the products directly inside its organization and with a unique technical support to achieve better results.
The importance of the company in this fields is also confirmed by its vast sales network, which has been enlarged over the years with agents and depots which extend from the Pacific to the Atlantic.
ACSA CHIMICA now operates in all the major footwears areas of Europe, Middle-East and Far-East where it takes part in all the trade fairs of the leather industry. So it is no surprise that the company plays a major role in the development and diffusion of "Italian style" in the footwear industry.
ACSA CHIMICA technical staff is ready to solve any of the customer requirement for the finishing of upper, sole, heel efficiently and competently, even to the extent of producing tailor-made articles and colours from sample.